Doing some digging on those Chinese plutocrats, the descendants of the so-called Eight Immortals, because it irritates me that our media is likely in direct cahoots with them, limiting our knowledge of their nature, aims, and activities. What’s intriguing to me is the possibility that they have a pact with each other such that the media in China doesn’t talk about any of our “immortals” over here. A mutual crypto government 🤝 between the two most powerful countries on earth.

Al Jazeera has a few articles on one of these “princelings” – looks like this one could’ve been where Xi is (who is also a princeling) if he hadn’t been taken out for being too Maoist

Hmm this is reminiscent of the leveling operation here – “Down to the Countryside with American Characteristics”

I’ve read it’s more than just 10%

Besides a Qatari news-source where else do you think I would think to look? Just thinking in terms of countries with exceptional autonomy, sovereignty?

“Here we go again!” What, I bring up Qatar and you don’t bat an eyelash. Precisely why I like to bring “them” up. Anyway, not much of significance for results on this site – just a reminder that these plutocrats obtained a good deal of their wealth from killing reactionaries. Wonder why I’m interested in them? A couple generations from now when China is an imperial world-power I wonder if they’ll be too different from their predecessors. Searching a couple more sites based in “that country” I’m not finding anything on them – seems like something people would want to report on.

Tip for those who want to do thorough research on this- find out what they’re called in the respective language of the country you’re looking for reports on them from. For instance, eight immortals in Persian is هشت جاودانه and they might not be referred to as that there, they might have a different name, who knows. You can apply this general idea to other subjects besides these plutocrats. This idea is key to having optimal “cross-cultural dialogue” using this new instant translation technology.

Back to the theme of this post – if three Chinamen have 500 billion dollars each it seems like there would be lots of articles and posts on them – Gates and Bezos have multiple books written on them! Who are these shadow gooks?

Let’s think- who out of anyone outside of China would be most affected by them? And thus would have an incentive to profile them, study them?

Annnnnd, nada. Perhaps they’re pressured against writing about them, for similar reasons Bloomberg and the MSM are. (Sidenote- makes me wonder about crypto Brahmins).

This is just the surface


So they don’t need to be held accountable? Formally accountable? Think of the advantages our overlords enjoy from having informal control.

In conclusion, still not much found on these people. This post is more of a note on a method on how to go about finding out more about them.

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