That is brilliant

He’s 81

This kid grew up to be one of the freest people in the world

How he mocks them

Does this face get under anyone’s skin?

I wonder what he’s thinking about?

Honestly, his physiognomy is starting to mess with my head a bit, now that I look more closely, he kind of looks like he could be from here, some friend’s dad who works in the garage or something, except with a funny hat

He’s a person too, here he is after his friend Soleimani was droned earlier this year

Would Pence’s death do this to Trump? I can’t see it lol

Our perception of the Muslims has changed over the decades hasn’t it? Not a surprise if some Americans start to see the Iranians as friends.

How did we interpret this cover in 1985? Before my time

How do you interpret it now?

Was this Zionist propaganda then too, or did we actually care about Afghanistan for its own sake then?

Does the thought of the middle east instantly make you clench your teeth and want to scapegoat that goy, Bush? Both Trump and Bush were born in 1946, that conditions their belief-system to some degree – Civil Rights with the Jew as Messiah is probably their true religion on some level. Despite that they probably are aware of the kinds of things I talk about here, and lots more.

This would be a realer debate than Trump vs. Biden

I’d actually feel like I wasn’t living in a sham country made of smoke and mirrors if this happened. Both saying whatever they wanted. “What do you think was the real reason for the Iraq War?” The American people couldn’t handle that though, they’ve been lied to for so many years about so many things that’s just their identity now.

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