Some people have different beliefs from yours

Believe it or not, I don’t agree with these ones above, I do believe in Freedom of the Press. The problem I have is that people like the ones above have misused their freedom here in this country. And they use “Freedom of the Press” as the banner to get away with it. That is what drives me to seeing why Xi or Putin would do what they do.

People who gather and condemn anyone who disagrees with them isn’t Western, that’s Oriental Despotism. Some I see even openly praise Stalin without any repercussions, only the opposite, these people are so far gone in fact that the only option is to use the military to start killing them. You can support Stalin or Mao in this day and not be banned from social media, what do you think that says? They are already entrenched here, the people of ressentiment, the jews irish blacks niggers of all sorts, and yes all of you are pure niggers by the looks of it, and feminist women aren’t too different – I’ve been enslaved! I need to be free! – shut up bitch you have a half a brain cell, same goes for the rest of them. They are using the internet as a neo-gulag where they ban anyone who disagrees with them. That’s right, I’ve been living in your gulag for a few years now and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the only option is to start murdering them without much discrimination. You lean to the left? You are going to die. We are dealing with living Stalinists here who pretend to be “liberal democratic whoahguea who cares” they’re not that, they’re socialist authoritarians who want all whites to be genocided through any means necessary. The next Jew you see in the street, follow him, slit his throat in a back alley and get away with it. That would be the sign of nobility in 2020. Murder a banker, murder a media CEO, get away with it, that’s how you get to “Valhalla” in 2020. This is all scifi by the way, just ask my lawyer, shoot a Jew in the head, bomb a synagogue, it’s all a funny scifi I’m working on. It’s taken lots of logical steps to even be able to understand their plot to control the world, and once whites aren’t around anymore it will be even easier for them, and they know that. The character in this book I’m writing who’s known for his bravery and stealth has just started taking out Bilderbergers where they thought they were safe. It reduces them to twitching headless bodies on the beach. I’m working on this novel for you guys, I know you’ll like it, maybe you can give me some ideas of your own to add to it?

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