How did I find myself here, where I read

and think is a public thinktank. There must be a Chinese and Iranian version of this site somewhere? Something I noticed is that it’s always a pro-Russian perspective, always focusing on Russian interests. So there’d be no reason for Putin to take it down, or punish its contributors. Can’t the same logic apply to a hypothetical Chinese or Iranian site like this? A few possibilities I see- 1. they don’t want that type of information public, 2. they don’t have the minds that could contribute to a site of that quality, 3. they exist, and we simply haven’t found them yet, 4. their nations aren’t internet’s savvy, and don’t grasp the mutual benefits of using this technology and so confine themselves to obscure paper publications. I’m leaning toward 3. It seems that would link to these sites if they existed. Follow the breadcrumbs approach here- accessing the Chinese brain via the Russian brain. So far I haven’t found such a link. This has historical implications for cross-cultural dialogue. If we could find these sites, if they exist.

These Russians do mention the Qatari version of

Arabic Al Jazeera? I’ve only seen English pages so far, thanks.

I saw a more polemical article from the .ru site (which is rare and which I appreciate) which described the Saudis as recent rags to riches savages, and that sort of awareness should be kept in mind regarding potential non-Russian versions of sites across the world. Again I emphasize that Russia is special. We might find some similar sites with unique perspectives from Eastern European countries. Argentina? Singapore? We need bloodhounds to track these possible sites down. So that we can attain a total global awareness.

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