Australia, given its location, is the optimal country to use for precog “scrying” into the future regarding how China will behave toward us

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute is the closest AU version of I’ve found so far. To clarify what I’m looking for internationally- realpolitik, pragmatism, no PC filtering of reality “because feelings matter”.

We’ve seen this theme before. China has “control” of our news, shows, and movies in this way- “You insart Chinese you rooz Capitar! You be talking about yuan instead of shekelrs before you know it. Foor, we use argorithm to keep track of peoplr who mock way we speak, pran to put you in camps we used for Uighur.” They’ll likely leverage our equalism against us- I even saw yesterday pro-Biden Chinese Americans who I’m sure aren’t out for their own good at the expense of the US wink wink. If we are as sensitive to the Chinese abroad as we are to the Latinos and blacks here they will only exploit that—with glee.

That Australian site is handy, the Australians can feel the presence of China more strongly than anyone else “like us” and so they’re naturally the first-responders to what I’ve seen some of them refer to as the New Asian Century

Some relation here to Trump refocusing the US away from being a global empire? With or without him we’re heading in a direction that will only allow Chinese coercion to increase. Pat yourself on the back if you’re one of the ones consciously making the US worse – retards will be shot on sight.

Here is a hint toward where we might find a Chinese

Their institutions are in lockstep in the direction of furthering their national interests while ours are all dogmatically set on undermining ours. No surprise I’m seeing some Australians wonder if they should be traitors to the west and just start thinking of itself as an Asian country.

Some of us can relate to this eh?

I for one am neither pro-Asia OR pro-US (sorry patriots) nor pro-Russian for the matter – what’s important is The Good, and each world-power has its merits and faults. You’re a traitor for acknowledging that? Okay. Iranians laugh at the decadence here and I join them in laughter. If you don’t then you’re probably one of the ones we’re laughing at. Sadder than it is funny though really.

This just pisses me off

That’s something we’d have to consider if we were to dig a Nile across the Outback (wahahaha!). Some parts of the MENA adjust to the climate in a way that somewhat resembles the extremes we’d have to take on the moon

Air conditioning technology alone could lead to “Muslim Nobel prizes” – the heat no doubt has been at least partially to blame for Islamic stupidity.

Gotta do what you gotta do to have a thriving sovereign patch in the hostile political conditions of “our” world

See how good those Amazonians have it?

1.5 million sq mi, that’s over 5000 Singapores.

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