Where to even begin where to even begin

Thinking about other planets with Pangeas again. People from those wouldn’t be posting about this. People from planets with separated continents could make use of these provisional methods. More down to earth, try to put yourself in the place of an Iranian. As much as I see their merits, when I imagine myself being born in Iran my first thought is “How do I escape from here?!” One can wonder why more don’t escape. The answer is to observe your own life as a westerner. Have you given much thought to the need for escape? You wouldn’t even know it would be better to escape, you’d never even consider it. Did you before you got acquainted with the reactosphere? I didn’t. I think a lot of us have a grass is greener on the other side awareness, it’s just really vague, Iranians might have that too. Difference is, they’d probably be imprisoned over there for writing an exitology manual. Most countries want to keep their citizens’ grass is greener awareness vague, preferably nonexistent. People on other non-pangean planets could probably benefit from the suggestion to search for websites of the intellectuals of their enemies. In the case above, Argentina is less an enemy and more a place I expect to find more neutral perspectives on both the west and its enemies. Speaking of exit-related thoughts being of use to aliens, they’d probably be of use to the foreigners of earth too. That’s one of the projects we could work on at the lunar university, designing exit manifestoes to suit particular countries where they wouldn’t be able to be written, or thought to be written. All this to say that Americans and Iranians probably tend to be more similar to each other than either think in their contentment with their respective homeland and not feeling the need to escape. Americans are reading this and thinking “Yeah the difference though is that they really need to escape and I don’t.” That’s probably how many of them see you too. How familiar are you really with “our enemies”? I noted recently how strange it was for me just realizing I should look into Russian cinema, and I’ve been on this earth for quite some time. Many such examples.

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