The subterranean dimension of politics can be so sickening that I can understand why most prefer to remain on the surface.

While I know it’s an impossible request, try to always remember that Biden isn’t Biden, he’s merely the suited old coot representative of the corporacracy, MSM, and covert agencies, to name only a few of the most powerful wings. What’s sickening to me though is that all of them represent the melting pot. Maybe why I’ve been focusing on the Middle East is because I anticipate a similar future- mulattoes kind of look like Arabs, mestizos kind of look like Arabs. Then there’s the side of the melting pot that the feminists love and which is represented most obviously by Trump – white males being themselves, generally saying whatever they want, brashness I called it recently – “Bradness” with the better ones, they want all those gone because “that’s not equal”. If you’re not sickened by this process I don’t know what to tell you, besides that you’ve probably already been melting potted yourself, whether by birth or education. If “Biden”—“Biden”—wins the levelers will relax at least, their hysterics are getting old, that’s one bright side at least. The not so bright side is that they’ll relax because the anti white male revolution is continuing apace. The news monopoly agrees with their sickening aims, the movie monopoly agrees, the education monopoly agrees, and now the president will agree too- phew! Now they can relax since they have 100% hegemony and no institutional force to voice disagreement.

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