It’s always the herd more than the FBI that is my greatest enemy. We’re trying to help you, in the meantime try to understand that your opinion doesn’t matter.

The world can be broken into two halves, the US is subsequently broken into whites and Israel.

“Is there something like that in China?” Have you researched their plutocrats yet? Please do that, through espionage, not even joking around, that’s the primary way to …

Is the world at peace? Yes, sort of, the humans on the globe all recognize each other as that, as opposed to the animals. Are whites, browns, yellows the same? Yes, in a sense. We’re similar in that we’re humans who can talk and believe in certain higher realities.

That is the question in the global order that no country wants to wonder about out loud. What is the highest reality?

Only a certain caste understands what’s going on here, it can be Chinese, American, Russian, Iranian.

Probably not all of those though. The higher reality demands thinkers who can articulate it. I have trouble finding many from any of these countries who can talk with a global awareness. All of the above mentioned world-powers seem to have a policy that makes people who talk about geopolitics marginalized. Yeah, none of you can talk to me on camera with a representative, let’s have a talk, what’s stopping you?

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