👁️ of the day- Singapore

I’m finding some courses I’d like to take, scrolling down the right side of this page

That’s bound to be bewildering, mystifying. We only hear about those three from the liberal perspective. One might even imagine the same course taught in Qatar from an Islamic perspective. Notice that Russia is chopped liver lol. The fourth political theory. In the way that yesterday I expected an Argentinian political site to be more neutral about the US and its enemies, leaning toward sympathy with the US, I expect Singaporeans to be neutral, leaning toward Sino-centric. eyes eyes eyes. Beware though- notice the education of their faculty

A few of them were educated/conditioned by the National University of Singapore though so we might expect less US-contamination from them. If you’re 16 or 17 thinking about college, if I was your age Singapore would be near the top of my list. For anyone with ears to hear, the US is a failed state. This university looks more promising than most

“Our idea of modernity is right because we were born here!” – Look guys we got a Rhodes Scholar in da house.

Another course that would be interesting from a non-white perspective

If you’re feelin squirrelly you might even consider spying on them the way they send Chinese spies to our universities, and learn to see nuclear strategy the way they do in order to use that knowledge against them.

They have a course on my pet favorite too

You can likely get even further away from the western postwar mentality by finding courses like this in China. Universities where they do research on monkeys will be the most cutting-edge in the world.

“What did you do in college, grandpa?”

I’m just kidding, something in this general ballpark though is at the frontier of contemporary science. Anyway, one can see Singapore as a certain kind of hybrid nation, which makes it unique.

This is from J. Casey Hammond, the one who teaches the above course on Liberalism, Confucianism, and Islam.

This might be wise to pick up

Less in terms of language- rather more as a way of thinking. I am looking for the Singaporean version of geopolitica.ru!

This is an interesting project

My objective is to unlearn everything I’ve been taught, so my question is- Is Singapore the optimal place for that to happen?

There seems to be a high-risk factor of lapsing into the same old Americanism. Is this truly the best lab? It’s probably one of them. My first thought, with rangordnung in mind, is that a university in Russia that taught the Conservative Revolutionaries as they’re called would take me further away from my parochial American perspective. I wonder if Singaporeans are “multicultural” enough for that. If a good percentage of their educators hail from ivy league institutions, that’s not very plausible. Lots of twists and turns on the journey of life- you start off thinking Russia is one of the most closed-minded countries and start to wonder if it’s in fact the opposite. I don’t expect everyone to see what I see. It’s a matter of being able to transcend American tribalism. The multiculturalism they inundate us with here is its own kind of monocultural dogmatism that takes lots of intricate unlockings in the mind to gain autonomy against. A second self. The American in you needs to die for a true multiculturalism to emerge. Not many are capable of this death and rebirth.

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