In my quest to find sites similar to based out of the MENA region I had the idea to google muslim-sounding names of writers from the Russian site. Doing this I found another similar Russian site, Katehon.

What is this about?

Here are some names and institutions to investigate

I get the above from a Polish think tank! This excites me. How they see them, how they see them, how they see them, how they see them, etc. etc.

I’m trying to organize the secret UN over here.

I just hit a goldmine – information overload

First cynical thought – “Which ones have they left out?”

I don’t see Katehon on there for instance.

Here’s a Lithuanian one.

From a link to one in New Zealand

Voices missing from the debate? Feminist voices? Never heard that one before. Typical Western idea of exclusion, so tired and overplayed. One of my first ctrl+f searches on that info-overload site is “Iran” naturally, and there’s one link there.

How they see them, how they see them, etc. etc. I don’t deny there’s something megalomaniacal about this

The Will to Know, accelerated by the internet and translation technology, and almost everyone is content with the US perspective- sad!!!!

This one seems to be pretty much run by Putin

How the Iranians see us and China – see what I’m talking about?

Probably an important perspective, how one enemy sees our relation with another one of our enemies. When is Washington going to start paying me for all this? Haha, that’s a laugh.

Serious information overload right now – I see myself returning to this post as a link-resource in the future

Eh, RAND and Brookings have institutes in Qatar, that’s not a good sign. I’ve been finding lots of connections they have with the US from the .ru site unfortunately. Little Qatar, don’t make me stop admiring you please. Speaking of that general region, I found this article interesting too

Here’s how that Russian Katehon site described the Iranians

Ahhh an area of hatred I can count on

They should form one state with Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, I know I’m asking for the impossible. If they want to stand a chance that’s what they’d do.

0 results for “Syria” on that list btw.

The one (1) for Iraq looks like this

Me to myself- “Don’t say ‘bahaha go fuck yourselves’, that sounds vulgar.” Me also to myself- “Yeah probably ok I won’t.”

This list is a treasure trove, we still need to find one of the best thoughtcriminal institutions.

Saw this on Katehon

I wonder what’s lurking out there in that 99%

Anyway I’ve hit you with enough for now, have fun if this is your cup of tea, or get back to your netflix, US-centric perspectives, or whatever.

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