You don’t see an article description like this everyday

Does it make you a terrorist for wanting to know the truth about Area 51? No, that’s just what any democratic citizen wants to know. I guess we’re a nation of terrorists then. It boggles my mind- why is it controversial for certain political matters to be public knowledge? Especially the War on Terror, I’m still recovering from that, being lied to all my life. Why wasn’t that all made clear to me around 2005? “Teenagers shouldn’t know about some things” you might retort. Alright, so why is most of the adult population ignorant to it too? Seems incredibly manipulative of mature rational subjects. Did aliens really crash at Roswell, people want to know. Strangely enough, the existence of aliens is nothing next to some of the other things that I’ve detailed are hidden from the public. If the gov decided to do a documentary involving film of a preserved alien corpse would “life go on” as usual? Pretty much, if I had to guess. Some of these other things though, I’m not so sure. There are a few specific sets of questions and their natural answers that would disrupt the most fundamental beliefs that people have here, what I’ve called the state-religion. That’s why people are banned, because they know that that can happen if they’re not banned. I think we need to have a national conversation about this. If certain ideas can cause people to doubt their most fundamental beliefs, we should be able to have a mature dialogue about it. What seems to me to be the case is that if these ideas cannot even be surfaced in public without being silenced in one way or another then there’s a high likelihood that those most fundamental beliefs that people have, shouldn’t be believed in anymore, because they’re probably false. Does that warrant a national conversation, yeah I’d say so. Does it even seem like an exaggeration to you when I hypothesize that the revelation of the existence of aliens would cause less of a societal disturbance?

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