Slowly slowly connecting the world brain

It’s always the most obvious that is overlooked. I study all these countries far away and one of the last ones I consider is the closest of all. It’s the one that all politics in the US is centered on. I am of course speaking of Mexico.

We have a pretty good idea of what conservatives think of Mexico, whether they verbally admit it or not. I wonder what Mexicans think of us? Specifically their intellectuals, right and left.

Is that their presidente? Everyone knows Trudeau, no one really knows or cares what’s going on in Mexico. Canada is us, Mexico is not-us. That’s where all the controversy derives from. Mexico explains Biden, explains antifa, explains Trump Derangement Syndrome. And no one ever talks about it. Try not to wince- basically, Trump called the Mexican people sinners, and half the country agreed with him. Don’t like religious terminology? He called them immoral, and half the country agreed. That’s what all politics is about today. Well, are they immoral? The left will dance around the answer to this question. Why else would so many people want to build a wall? Mexicans have been designated immoral. If you remember that Ecuadorian interlocutor of mine, at least from his perspective Mexicans are the rednecks of Latin America and even those to the south of them look down upon them, see them as “immoral” in some sense, “not right” in some sense. As a thought experiment for leftists who wince at this kind of talk, what if Russia was at our southern border instead of Mexico? Would you be able to call them immoral? Not right? So what’s the difference between them and Mexicans? Iranians sort of look POC like Mexicans, what if they were at our southern border, would you care about building a wall then? Would you think of the president who wanted a wall a terrible person then? So what’s the difference?

So if you don’t have a response (like usual) and you agree there must be something “off” about Mexicans, or at least a good percentage of Mexicans—of course you don’t agree wink wink—then the question arises, What is to be done? Many isolationist conservatives will say Nothing, not our problem. What is to be done if one is a leftist though? Is open borders the sole solution to the “Mexican problem”? “Don’t call it that!” What is it? Is Mexico “us” like Canada is? Of course not. So what is to be done? Open borders doesn’t seem to be the only solution, that’s just lazy thinking. If I were you I’d look into Mexican institutions, I’d collaborate with Mexican intellectuals.

I don’t think most leftists really care about Mexicans. I think they just irrationally freak out if anyone suggests anything negative about them, as Trump has done. They don’t seek to help them, they only want to maintain the status quo of anti-racism. My question is, to use your own reasoning, aren’t you kind of like a Nazi if you don’t care about helping them?

I wonder about Latino intellectuals have to say about this

Do any of them have noble souls I wonder? Do any of them admit that there is something off, something immoral about many Mexicans. I wonder if any aren’t in denial in the way the white left here is? Seems they’d be in a better place to improve their country if they acknowledged that the republican base of the US sort of, kind of, maybe? has a point? Don’t you think? Just a thought.

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