“What do you mean Mexico is not-us? They’re pretty much Americans who happen to wear sombreros and eat enchiladas I thought?”

Just from a casual search. Why have the millions of anti-Trump sentiments over the last few years never mentioned that the Mexican “government” is de facto ruled by drug cartels? Talk about biased. That’s what his “racism” is based on, why don’t anyone address that? “We don’t want the lawlessness and anarchy of that cartel government to be so close to the US, folks.” The leftist response- lawlessness and anarchy, rioting in the streets. That was a direct response to his wall rhetoric! “We need to keep that out!” The leftist response- “We don’t need Mexicans for that!” Irrationals who don’t deserve a vote and who deserve to live in a lawless country like Mexico.

Look who was on the same page just a few years before the election

This is a report from 2011, we can probably expect more objective takes on Mexico prior to 2015.

Love having these right at our border

The Mexican president prefers to liken Trump to Hitler than admit that his own country is in ruin. Who’d be surprised if he was paid off by these cartels?

Aztecs with guns

Leftists are frauds for never mentioning this and instead exclusively screaming about “racism”. We already knew they were frauds, liars, and hypocrites though didn’t we?

Let’s just think about their “logic” again. Half the country says it’s chaotic in Mexico—and then the other half responds by creating and supporting chaos all over the US. Truly people with functioning rational faculties.

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