I see this and think wait a second..

Just admit it, the ones who believe themselves to “hateread” this site are “one of us” – these people have the same idea

I know there’s a certain demographic of people who both refrain from candid speech online and in person, and also agree with me on the basics, even if they disagree on particular things. We pretty much have one of these proto-states. It doesn’t have a nice name yet, maybe it never will, hopefully it does some day. If you don’t want that to happen then you’re simply not one of the ones I’m talking to. If that’s the case then maybe you want a proto-state of your own, for instance this is on the same wiki page

The left of the US is working its way toward this “Yes” of China here above. They don’t like talk of us forming our own proto-state, let alone state state, because they want all the land from the east to the west, from the north to the south. Is this greedy of them? I’d say so. I’ll take Maine, you can have the rest if you don’t bother us, and we can watch you gradually collapse, we’ll find much material for use in creating our TV shows from your real-life experience of incrementally increased degradation and desperation.

All these different countries, proto-countries do it, why can’t that happen in the US? Yeah, sounds impossible. The more we talk about it, the more we treat it as a possibility, the more possible it will be. People thought the following was an impossibility, something else that’s on that page

Are you happy with the democratic system here that we developed after the formation of this state? What has Trump gotten done in the last four years? Pissed off the media and its minions only to further invigorate them? Strengthened Israel’s hold in the Middle East? Or you leftists, what do you think Biden is going to get done? Even Bernie is moderate next to what is possible, you just settled for him too and you know it. It’s time to call it quits, it’s time to create new states. You get the south since you’re so fond of those Mexican drug cartels, and we get the north. Sounds 1000x times better than this stupid election and the years of build-up to it.

“We’re the United States though, we’re the United States!” What does that even mean? It’s meaningless. We’re not united, we hate each other, we might as well be different countries already, different proto-states that are just waiting for a push. That’s what I’ve been trying to do the last few years, give it an extra shove. How pointless politics will be if Biden wins, maybe that will be the push we need. Or it’ll just be another four years of stagnation, or worse than stagnation where things just get worse and worse.

I read this on one of those Iranian sites

Why would we want to export what we have here? The country is in a lowkey civil war.

And that other Russian site I found recently reads us like a book

What joy! – which type of liberalism are we going to side with if there is an actual civil war? Eh I’d prefer to form my own state, thanks.

Honestly, and I know this is bad for “optics” to say, and I don’t plan on being a suicide-bomber any day soon, it’s just, at least they had the right idea

The “silent majority” in the US is similar to this, except without the violence, and they try to disperse us like they dispersed them too

We’re white, we’re above their motivations. Hate the US lib-hegemony, hate ZOG? Then you’re similar to ISIL. We’re scattered across the states, with varying densities in certain places. We believe in people like Newton instead of Muhammad for instance, there’s a great difference. Nonetheless, the similarities are there. I rather like the idea of a quiet life in somewhere like “fly-over country” in a neo-state where prog-politics don’t affect me at all.

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