You can think of it as the Hindu awareness of reality if you want, that’s just the closest parallel we have to understand it in this era that is over-populated with those of the shudra-caste. Before the various slave-revolts this was a way a minority of Europeans looked at the world too. Our elites aren’t like that anymore because they’re irremediably tainted by those slave-revolts.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- the things I say that many interpret as cruel

are nothing to me.

I try to give people a boost to understanding that plane. And most don’t have it in them to escape their ego. The freedom is lacking in their biology itself, I deduce.

Most of the ones who are proponents of banning people who talk about ZOG have something about them that I find interesting. They’re someone who relates to Jews and other people of the world who feel a lack of self-esteem when they remember Aryans exist.

How many horrendously, disgustingly ugly Jewesses I’ve seen who are on the left. I wonder why that is. Care to explain? Something about women with blonde hair and blue eyes and various other facial features that aren’t disgustingly ugly like yours that you don’t like? Same goes for the mental plane. Male Jews are pieces of shit, more often than not, and lie and thieve in order to advance themselves in the world, while Aryans are trustworthy and hardworking – I wonder why Jews would hate them? You Jews weren’t martyred, you were slaughtered for good reason, and you exist to this day as false-messiahs who only spread filth. The Muslims are right about you – whether it’s Jesus, Muhammad, or Newton, the break from the Hebraic order was the right way to go. Defend your homeland in Israel? You cause all these problems in America, why would I want you to have your own state? You can’t accept that you’re an inferior person who can only screw people over rather than accept Christ into your heart. And many Euros are many revolutions past Christ. Your resistance to Christ is why we are here today having this conversation about global politics. Is Iran a toxic place? Yes, I don’t deny that. Would it be better if it had jew-influence? I highly highly doubt that, have you ever watched the news or a hollywood movie, or heard what the average citizen of the ZOG-USA has to say? We don’t want that in other countries. You’re kikes in the true sense of that term.

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