Once in a while I do find a pretty good MSM article.

I know some might find it annoying that I bring up certain subjects all the time. Do you want to understand the present political situation or not? Because the Middle East and the “new state” there are closely bound up with our perceptions all the way over here in the US and shape our political outlook. I don’t pretend that that doesn’t exist, I don’t know why anyone does. To me, when people ignore that, they’re just saying that they don’t want to understand Americans.

Do you see how bizarre it is to have had our troops so far away all these years while at our own border all this Afghanistan-like chaos has been getting worse and worse?

Imagine if it was like this in Canada, what would we do?

It’s easy to not feel racist when those Muslims are so far away because they’re abstract. What Trump did that upset so many people is redirect our attention to problems with racial implications that are near to us. That made it concrete. It’s easy to remain an equalist when Palestinians and Iraqis are getting slaughtered all the way across the ocean. Faced with the concept of “the wall” it wasn’t so easy to maintain that polite worldview. Hate to tell you- if you care about your country, that polite worldview isn’t going to help.

Foreign wars were an abstraction that preserved the non-racist attitude. Once someone campaigned on the platform of focusing on problems in or near our own country, that abstraction dissolved. This explains BLM. The Mexican druglords are still abstract next to blacks who live in our cities. Once the anti-racist attitude went away due to the introduction of the wall concept into the American psyche (which is a well-known concept in Abstract Israel) the concrete blacks took on the role of the Arabs far away. Americans have been implicitly racist during those foreign wars, we just never had to think about it too much. Since the focus was turned to the racial problems here there has been a frenzy to “save our Palestinians”.

Meanwhile, the ironic and tragic reality is that the actual Palestinians are still being light-genocided, the Mexican druglords are as powerful as ever, and not even blacks are being “saved”- their poor behavior is only being pampered and reinforced. The left isn’t saving anyone. And in a couple decades when the US is majority-mestizo who’s to say the same cartel problem won’t emerge here too? The left can’t save muslims, can’t save Mexicans, can’t save blacks, can’t even save this country. They just make things worse for all those mentioned, and deny it when you tell them this.

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