The more I research Mexico the more I feel I’ve been psyopped the last four years. The media is effective, that’s why it’s so dangerous. All the vitriol we’ve seen from the left stems from the situation in Mexico. And it’s either underemphasized or ignored entirely. They distract us from it with other places and subjects, because any honest report about Mexico will only make Trump look good and we can’t have Satan himself look good now can we? People would rather talk about Russia and the Middle East than they would talk about the very country that borders ours—how confused about the interests of national security can you get! Ultimately it’s racist to talk about Mexico. To say anything negative about Mexico is hitler-racist (which is worse). To talk about it at all is racist though, even if you’re just describing what’s going on there, you know, the country that borders a few of our own states that we forget about?

Let’s put it this way- Does the border wall help Mexico? No, that helps us, technically. Does not talking about Mexico help Mexico? No, that doesn’t help Mexico, and in fact, that doesn’t help us either. And this is the so-called politically correct option that the pluto-demos (status quo) here has taken.

From what I can tell, the presidente there is in serious need of help, and we’re so afraid of sounding racist that we’re just ignoring him and his country (Love thy neighbor amirite leftists) as it descends further and further into gruesome havoc. Here are some things I’m discovering about this nearby—all too nearby—country.

Harfuch is Mexico City’s secretary of public security (and Mexico City is the capital of Mexico)

What is presidente Obrador’s stance on these cartels? “Hugs, not bullets” is his policy (no, I shit you not)

This man needs help. He appears to be scared into silence. And I sense something familiar about all this… I said it! I said it! These cartels however are more overt about it. “Overt about what?” That they control the country rather than the government. They openly flaunt it, brag, post videos of themselves toting guns, leave notes next to the decapitated heads of judges saying you better not mess with us, etc. People seriously scaremonger about Putin or Iran rather than what’s taking place in the country next door that is infringing on the US – wow!

They had a record high murder rate last year, were you even aware of that? Or perhaps you’re too brainwashed to care because that only proves Trump is right and he’s supposed to be evil?

Obrador needs more help than Netanyahu – controversial to say for “some reason” -cough cough WW2 aftermath is still felt today to our detriment-

He has to convince people (the world’s, his own, probably himself) that his country isn’t like Syria. I feel so bad for this guy.

Remember, you can’t play the Jesuit you know you want to, vanilla face, because that means you’re conceding to Trump. Better to let Mexico go up in a cloud of smoke, while people are being dismembered. What is your guess? First hands, then feet, then head are cut off in that order? Or do you lean more toward feet, then hands, then head? What would you do if you were a cartel hellbent on living up to the ideal of your hero/saint/martyr Pablo? Seems only logical that the head will be third in the order, right?

What “Wikileaks” I want are the potential ones on links between Obrador and the cartels. Remember, honorable journos, an article on that would only make Trump look good, so better to just forget about the welfare of Mexico altogether.

Call me crazy, this does almost sound like something someone who is paid off would do

Brutal, cannibalistic, sacrificial Aztecs with the most advanced technology, what could go wrong?

Mexico is only one of many nearby countries that it’s “standard policy” for the MSM and left in general to ignore and distract us from. It’s not looking good there. Phew, at least we have peace in the Middle East though (which is an ideological deception itself)

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