There’s an unexpected dialectic between our destiny and Mexico’s, which shouldn’t be such a surprise, since, again, they’re on our border – and the MSM has been effective in obscuring this from us

This seems to be one of their central problems. Sound familiar?

sigh. I try to have a conversation with rational adults, and I always find that even the minority who I think is able to understand what I say–white males–are further fragmented into another minority. I direct you again to one of the concisest ways of talking about it I know. Note yes, this man wears a turban on his head, I obviously don’t rule out Muslims (probably Sufis in particular) who are part of this minority, even some Muslim women might understand, I’ve said before that I know a black woman who is more rational than most white males I know – it’s just convenient as it is accurate to say that the minority consists of white males with some exceptions. Are there Jews too you might ask? They suffer from not only an intergenerational trauma from the holocaust, they also have a lot of conditioning that I suspect is difficult next to impossible to get around, though I don’t rule it out.

So anyway, to those of my readers who are rational adults, there is a dialectic here we can decipher

We start with the idea that one of the central problems Mexico has is corrupt cops.

The country north of it realizes that’s a problem and decides to build a wall.

There are people who are criminals, people who are corrupt within the country north of it.

(Listen to most rap songs, they glorify being a corrupt criminal)

As a response to one part of our country saying Mexico is packed with corruption and criminality, another part of our country has, instead of bringing to justice the corruption and criminality here, blamed the relatively innocent police force.

What is going on here? Do you see this dialectic between the two countries?

One way to interpret it is (and as always try to think of your own interpretation instead of thinking of mine as the right one, this is a difficult issue that needs multiple perspectives) – Mr. Trump and his base designated brown people as criminals with that wall idea. This had reverberations in our own country, not just in Mexico, because there are brown criminals here too. I’ve shown you the crime statistics before, I’ve shown you how academics get fired for talking about them. I’m not talking to YOU though, I’m talking to the rational adults to better clarify the situation for them, since you’re hopelessly overemotional.

Don’t you think that’s an intriguing synchronicity between our two countries though? That the corrupt cops who are controlled by the cartels there were blamed, and as a response the relatively innocent cops here were blamed for criminality, rather than the actual criminals? Ahh starting to make sense now?

The realization dawned on the left that “Mexicans are often criminals” and from there they thought “Wait what does that say about brown people in our own country…” – Their answer to that is to blame cops on criminal activity. When the reality, for any rational adult to see, is that Trump was the good guy for standing out and saying we need to do something about these criminal police forces of Mexico who are controlled by the cartels. The left just can’t deal with that information I guess. Probably, in many cases, because they relate to the criminals for being immoral and destructive of society and want to get away with it. Here at we see exactly what you are, and will enact appropriate punishment, as should be done in Mexico as well as the United States.

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  1. A friend of mine has spent decades travelling extensively all over the world and Mexico is the only country he’s ever been robbed in … by the police.


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