Believe it or not, most of the the supposedly “hateful” things I say stem from my awareness of the beauty of life. What’s a frequent experience for me is that I’m most thankful when I’m walking, I feel most human when I walk. When I’m online I feel like a brain in a vat. When I walk down a sidewalk or in nature, that’s when I appreciate being alive. “Tell me more about that.” I’m sure if we were on a walk I’d tell you more. Here, they create divides between “polite good people” and people like me, that’s just where the internet is at now. What would be the first thing you’d say if we were on a walk and knew that no one was listening in?

-no one will ever know-

You can think the thought here freely though, without saying anything. Just so you know yourself. This is our digital version of a walk in 2020, what is it that you would like to express? Say it in your own mind so you don’t get in trouble. What’s important is that you know what that is, what they don’t want the public to know. What is that?

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