Happy weekend to you. I’m still on this Mexico kick, this is the report I’m reading this morning that’s already sending me off opening multiple tabs within the first few pages.

Something to think about, to dig up dirt on, is the geopolitically obvious

Plutocrats of these US states, and their ties to the cartels.

Further, American plutocrats’ ties to Mexican plutocrats

Carlos Slim

Looks Mexican, isn’t Mexican. “Why is that important?!” Because I just expect the richest man in Mexico to not care about Mexico exactly, as much as he cares about money, if he isn’t a Mexican himself. “He lives there, that makes him a Mexican.” Sure it does. Relax, he’s of Lebanese extraction. You’re going “Phew” – why is that?

Saba Raffoul, dead as of 2008, also Lebanese, and something else, and something else.

Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco, looks like a Mexican name, right?

If someone told me the person in this picture is Mexican I’d probably go, Uh sure. Now, this next one, not so much

Mexico is causing us lots of problems, and I want to know who is responsible. Do they have their own form of “the cathedral”? What is Mexican TV like, Mexican news, Mexican shows?

I wonder what happened after this

Mining and media, well at least it’s not that same pattern I’ve mentioned because he’s not involved in banking too. Actually, about that

Whether they’re Lebanese or Jewish, don’t you think it would be weird to see so many people like this in China?

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, is he Mexican? Who knows, kind of a funny nose there though I have to say. Wouldn’t it be weird if many of the people who controlled the banks and media in China… weren’t Chinese?

See, this doesn’t surprise me, this casual search

They look pretty Indian.

These next ones might look Mexican, at least first glance

Kinda weird

Weird when this is their ethnic demographics

I wonder if their MSM has any sort of agenda? They’re right next door, how much do we even know about them? Are we really even “allowed” to talk about Mexicans in this culture of fear that is the US?

Here’s another one, María Asunción Aramburuzabala

I don’t know man, she could pass as a European, what is she? Because when I think of a rich Mexican woman I imagine someone looking more like this

Another one of their plutocrats

Now here’s a random picture of someone who looks like a Mexican

What is the relation between the dominance of those drug cartels and these overlords who don’t look Mexican? Any, any? I’m guessing there is some kind of connection… And if they’re the ones causing the problems here (all this turmoil about whether we’re for or against the border wall) then I want to know the details of these connections.

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