Just a casual glance, and, does this seem slanted at all to you?

“You dare disrupt my freeflow of drug smuggling?” Speaking of NY, just because it doesn’t border Mexico like California doesn’t mean there aren’t people with ties to the cartels in NYC. “Cocaine is the most commonly cited drug in NYC emergency department visits.”

This is a good question, basically what I’m trying to get at

Maybe both should be in prison? When we talk about “the border crisis” the main ones who seem to be at fault are not only the gangs or the government which fails to stop the gangs, we also have think about the informal government, the plutocrat cabal.

You know how much annoyance I’ve had to endure from leftists for being a wall-enthusiast? Do you really understand just how much they’ve annoyed me the last four years? Annoyance is putting it so so lightly. If these Mexican plutocrats are to blame for that I want something real bad to happen to them.

If this “Slim” towelhead hadn’t been screwing these people over for years they probably wouldn’t even need to form gangs to make money off of drugs

To put it in perspective

And Slim’s cell phone monopoly is just one of many ways these interconnected foreigners exploit the Mexican people. More scandalous even is if we were to find incriminating evidence of collusion between the cartels and these plutocrats. Any conservative in the US should be interested in this task of digging. Some estimate that the illicit drug trade has a higher revenue than Walmart! Don’t you think you’d figure out how to capitalize on some of that if you were a powerful person in Mexico? A powerful person in Mexico who doesn’t truly care about the Mexican people because they aren’t Mexican themselves? Just speculating here. If Slim controls cell phones I wonder if he allows certain groups a freedom to talk, a freedom to do “business” in a way that the NSA here wouldn’t allow. Who’s to blame for all these problems in the US because of that damn border? Some kind of secret pact between the Mexican government, plutocrats, and cartels is what I suspect, and it’s a wonder that I haven’t seen anyone care to research into this over the last four years, seems like the definition of pertinent. This is partly due to the media psyop here as I’ve said. Constant distraction from Mexico. I wonder if any Americans are involved in this secret pact I theorize.

AMLO aka Obrador – maybe he’s one of the good ones in light of this?

If the MSM of both Mexico and the US is against him that obviously can only be a point in his favor.

Some counter-media media about the media of “the country next-door”.

Casinos, non-bank loans, I’d be shocked if they weren’t involved in the drug trade too.

Who is truly responsible for this?

Gonna find ya, and gonna make it look like one of those cartels found ya, if ya catch my drift.

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