I wonder if there were any effects, either deliberate or random, from the show Breaking Bad that arose from our unity with Mexico. “The United States” – does that include Mexico too, the 51st state in a sense? I think it is kind of like that, as crazy as it might sound at first. Can you think of any better “media” that would help us relate to the Mexicans?

Was it deliberate propaganda? That’s an insane question to ask, obviously it was just a “show” for people’s “entertainment”. Who knows though, I’m willing to expect anything at this point. You might remember the time I speculated about whether X Files was specifically designed to shape public perception about aliens. I’ll be the first one to admit, that’s borderline schizophrenic (though I do still wonder about that..) Breaking Bad is more realistic next to that. It was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico of all places. No, I don’t think there are people (globalists) who are behind the scenes of this show planning all this out in advance “though I do still wonder about that..” Even if it wasn’t deliberate we should wonder what effects it had. I know for me that it normalized meth labs?? It glamorized the terrible world that the Mexican cartels inhabit. There might be something proggy about this. I mean, is meth so bad? I’ve never tried it myself, I’ve just heard it gives you a better high than cocaine and it often ends in misery or early death one way or another. If you think about the left of today, many of their slogans pertain to this Breaking Bad theme- eliminate ICE, decriminalize drugs, abolish police. Do they just want to be meth heads or something? What would you do if you found a picture of Bryan Cranston smoking a joint with El Chapo? Seriously, what’s the difference though? No more borders, no more cops, do heroin. Isn’t this the message of the left? I’m not even trying to be polemical, their demands just make it look that way when someone questions them. No more borders, no more cops, do heroin, die a junkie, isn’t this what leftist is today?

Don’t get me wrong, Breaking Bad is still one of my favorite shows, I just wonder what effects it’s had. In case you don’t remember too well, here is one of the iconic scenes, you can go ahead and make a public post on social media about what thoughts arise in your mind about the America/Mexico border when you see this (or not, or not)

I liked this one too, just wondering if there were geopolitical factors at play

Do you want to say in public what you think about Mexico or Israel and aren’t able to? Then you’re probably living in a totalitarian regime run by “cartels” yourself, oops is that something you might say if you had freedom? I don’t want to read more into these videos for now, because I don’t want to interfere with you thinking your own thoughts about them. Meth labs are cool, Mexico is cool, is that what they want us to think? The reason media is so dangerous is because it’s effective, and that applies also to one of my favorite shows, which this is. What, do you not think the border of the US isn’t one of the main things being debated right now? The opposite of globalism is having borders. The idea of the corruption of Mexico is in a way the greatest enemy of globalism, hence their hostility to any mention of it. It’s partly because the US-Israel relation is equally corrupt. I’m calling for some real diplomacy here, I’d like to have a real honest chat with some of these countries.

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