There are some sex-symbols in the world that exist that I never mention because I want to protect your privacy. J. K. Rowling is different, she can get away with anything. One of the most beautiful women in the world, and she can actually get away with someone as “awful” as me saying you’ve probably been psyopped to hate her. I mean, I hate her too, we just have to distinguish between levels of hate. If we were to look at Harry Potter for the first time with fresh eyes, I’d see an author who believed in teaching magic to people. Ah I guess you hate that idea because Rowling is a Zionist leftist, well she is, the difference is she is a creative from a previous generation, here let me give you an example

Hot goyess in the middle with stereotypical Jew on the left, and shiska on the right. I dunno, many people, more people than you might expect, interpret me, “Nick” as Voldemort himself, and I don’t think that was JK’s intention.

Interpret it how you want, I think “Aryan Witches” are hot, even if they make book-series that are specifically opposed to people like me

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