When I think of “the illuminati” (and again I wish there was a better word for it, I don’t know one) I think of that book I mentioned before by Muhsin Mahdi, Alfarabi and the Foundation of Islamic Political Philosophy. I don’t have a copy of the book on hand, and google only offers a limited preview so I can’t show you the exact quote from it I have in mind. I posted it on xenosystems before, and ironically that website has been disappeared from the internet if you hadn’t noticed, and that’s pretty much the idea of the quote I was looking for, the disappearance of philosophy.

Hmm nothing Stalinist-looking about this

Here’s the closest thing from that Mahdi book I can find at the moment

We’re living at a time in the historical cycle when Phase 5 is basically forgotten or lost. There are just murmurs of it here and there. Xenosystems did recover it for a time. This Mahdi book recovered it, you will not regret ordering it and reading it. The chances are you won’t though, given that during this phase of the cycle no one really even cares enough to try to recover Phase 5. This is what I try to do day after day and I am regularly offered a bowl of hemlock by you cretins. I should buy some actual hemlock off ebay and down it on webcam, I bet lots of people would love that. Mmm thanks I like the taste! “It’s good for ya!” Anyway, one of the reasons I have contempt for the fact that I can find an intellectual institution based out of Iraq is because Mahdi was an Iraqi and he’s one of the brightest scholars I’ve ever read, so I suspect something shady going on there. I’ve shown you how the Mossad doesn’t hesitate to travel across countries to murder Iranian scientists, so I wouldn’t put it past them, they probably buried all the Iraqi Farabians in the desert decades ago.

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