Seeing this makes me regret chiding Russians about the space race

This is from one of those “Iraqi” websites. “”Iraqi websites””. That all bring up the (mandatory) importance of democracy and liberal values.

Dugin’s latest, as usual, is a breath of fresh air.

I can sense people demanding “What’s the alternative to the liberal world order, huh?” and I laugh at the ceiling thinking, you don’t want to know what I think about that.

Unrelated to that, here are some controversial photos of that Palestinian Gigi Hadid

There’s something hot about this, want me to lie to you? Hijabs aren’t required, the submission can be symbolic. Told you you didn’t want to hear it.

Perfect, all you have to do now is scrub the clown paint off your face. What, is my “stock plummeting” for saying this, oh no! Love is dead in the west, we live in a civilization of unbridled lust, what is your solution to that? It makes us all miserable, we need to do something about it. White men are to blame too, they need a Mecca to pray to five times a day too.

What to replace liberalism with? I suggest inequality as the state-religion. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the direct inversion of the present belief-system. I saw an article the other day about how Saudi women are being allowed to drive. That’s ludicrous. (Women driving). Just kidding. Talk about a difficult issue. So, let’s go back to square one, where leftists dare not tread. There’s a difference between equality and moving in the direction toward equality. Equality doesn’t exist, everyone except for a certain caste of european males (yes, with some exceptions) is irrational, unequivocally irrational, from our perspective, and it’s not just our perspective, it’s an objective fact. Do we want others to be more rational? Why wouldn’t we want that? We don’t like to hear tedious irrational jabber. Of course we want you to be more rational. This is what is meant by moving toward equality. Believing as we do now that everyone is equal equates to treating everyone as if they’re on the same level of rationality, which they are not. Democracy means that irrationality gets a vote. The doctrine of equalism being in place means that non white males are necessarily pitied and given “charitable interpretations”. This is why women on social media tend to make it known that they’re women, so that they’re treated with this charity. Because without that hole of yours, without that womb, and without lib-feminism in place you’d be dismissed in the way a village-idiot is dismissed. Half the population being relatively irrational and having an equal say leads to society swirling down the drain. Don’t worry about it, I’m trying to win a popularity contest here. Listen–and that’s all you need to do essentially is to listen–theocratic societies are right in ways that we’re wrong. Are they also sub-optimal? Yes, I’m not going to be packing my bags and moving to Iran. We need a synthesis between the two. God above parallels with humans on earth. Liberalism and atheism are closer to synonymous than what is seen on the surface. God is higher than us, men are higher than women, whites are higher than browns. It all follows from awareness of God. Most people have dirt encrusted on their third eye, they lack divine awareness, hence they’re liberals. Everyone will be happier if this natural order is affirmed. Notice how no one really ever mentions “equalism”, they simply proceed as if it is true. An approximate inversion of this doctrine will manifest in society similarly. No one’s going to go around putting others down like I do, I just do that because the west is in a crisis situation and thus calls for the “explicit clarifications” that I and my ilk tend to express. You can go about life as if God isn’t real. That doesn’t matter to God, you’re simply living in delusion, and thus the reality you’re creating in society is going to reflect that. If you don’t follow God you’re going to be causing problems in society. Plato’s Good, if you prefer to call it that, is not going to manifest in society if you shun it as the devil. And that’s what the standard belief-system of the present west systematically enforces.

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