This is 👽 to see – a research center’s report on research centers.

It’s the Iraq-based Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies

The center was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, in coordination with the Government of Iraq, as set out by the Strategic Framework Agreement.

So you could look at this center for strategic studies as itself a strategy of the US.

We killed hundreds of thousands of you, are you ready to “cooperate” based on “mutual goals”?

You might read this from that report on research centers

and think, What’s so wrong with that? You might think, Well if the US helped create one of those maybe they were right to invade there and kill Saddam.

Let’s put it this way- the article of Dugin’s I linked to earlier today, I haven’t found any kind of Iraqi equivalent to that yet. I.e. a report that isolates the US as the enemy. Yes, they–excuse me, we–facilitated the creation of this research center, I just wonder if they’ll be able to use it for their own interests, rather than ours and the country that cannot be named’s. “Here’s a present. Not! It’s actually imperialism, go ahead and thank us for it anyway though.”

The US seems to have basically removed the brain of Iraq’s “cathedral” and replaced it with a US brain

The center, which includes Iraq’s National Defense University and National Defense College, the Iraq War College, and the Iraq Language Institute, will facilitate regional dialogue and serve as a basis for partnership building between Iraq and other nations throughout the region. 

I wonder if they have talking heads in their media too. Probably. “Cathedral” heh, I won’t stop until I see Iraqi youth ranting about “the Mosque”. I keep reflecting back on people use to smugly indicate their wokeness by reducing the war on terror to “oil”. Replacing their “Mosque” with the Cathedral, more like. Or Synagogue if you’re not too beholden to the Synagogue. See how that works? They imperialize Iraq’s mind, they’ve already imperialized our minds. No thanks, I don’t believe in any of your garbage, I like Nietzsche. And Iraqis would be better off as Farabians than liberal democrats, that’s for damn sure. I’m considered a monster for saying that.

Senior Iraqi leaders will receive education in areas such as defense economics, civil-military relations, leadership and management, regional security issues and strategic resource planning.

Let me know how this is any different from the way China is re-educating Tibetans and Uighurs, I’ll wait. In this case it’s different though because it’s uh… across the freakin ocean in another country! Their plan is to re-educate all those regions, particularly the ones closest geographically to [BLEEP]. Ask yourself why we’re not re-educating those vicious Colombian and Venezuelan druglords and the people who’ve had to adjust to living in a COG (Cartel Occupied Government) who are actually a dangerous threat to the US. Not to mention Mexican ones. [BLEEP] and Mexico, better never mention either of those, or people might discover that you’ve “re-re-educated” yourself uh oh. Glad you can “cooperate” based on “mutual goals”, aren’t you, anon?

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