This must be part of their grand strategy too

The smarter ones will want to escape. A stupid population is only good for them. Smarter ones fleeing to the West will be in line with their plans insofar as that will create a richer diversity there. If you were smart would you want to live in this region if you weren’t an Israeli?

One of the scandals of their George Washington, Ben-Gurion, makes me skeptical of terrorism in that region in general

It included a series of terror attacks Israel carried out in Egypt in 1954 with the hope of pinning the violence on subversive Egyptian groups, including at a movie theater ‏(which for some reason always eludes Israelis’ memory‏).

How easy would it be for the Mossad to bomb Muslims and pin it on other Muslims? As their intellectuals flee, it only gets easier and easier to manipulate them. I wonder how many in our countries are going to pull a Land and migrate to China over the next few decades?

Control of the “vibrant, diverse” Western lobotomite states, control of the balkanized Middle East (I can see them unifying all ME countries through the doctrine of equalism in the future), what will that leave, Russia? So, the Promised Land(s) vs. a Russia-China alliance. I honestly don’t think their masterminds have this very well-planned-out, because the Chinese are simply a superior people to mulattoes, mestizos, and arabs, and there are more Chinese. So I don’t expect their cross-continent crossbreed slave-caste to be able to stand a chance. Chinese Occupied Government is the future I expect for them, oh how the tables turn.

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