Earlier I was searching for other writings by Mahdi that I might have overlooked and I saw this foreword to a book he contributed to and I instantly exed out of the pdf, which I will soon explain

I thought “the relation between reason and revelation” – that’s so irrelevant in our time! I was like who cares about that, that doesn’t even exist today, and I exed out of the pdf.

Then I decided to download it again after seeing this in the Bible

The Bible. Do you know what that is? Judaeo-Christian. I wonder why certain people get offended when I talk about certain things – it’s because that hyphen between those two words connects them in ways beyond those words alone. If you don’t like me there’s a good chance you don’t like people in general talking about YAHWEH. I could be critical of the tenets and practices of Mahayana Buddhism (which, incidentally, I am) all day and that wouldn’t be seen as controversial in the least, and yet, when I bring up other religious traditions, all of a sudden…

Huh, so the Hittites are mentioned up there. What do the juridical, esteemed Talmudists have to say about those? I actually did a project on those guys as a kid in school, don’t remember much about them though.

We’d need some Rabbis to help us interpret these ancient scratchings

The presidente of Mexico shapes the way we think, and so does the above Revelation.

What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem, anything?

I wonder what the Muslims of that Hittite region have to say about this?

Just a casual search,

I wonder how the Rabbis view Erdoğan. I wonder what he thinks of that part of Genesis above. 99.8% of the population is registered as Muslim. Most Turkish Jews now live in Israel today, I wonder what that’s about?

Do you want to talk about Reason vs. Revelation or not? Do you want to have an interfaith dialogue or not?

Our lives in the US are affected drastically by this debate between the Torah and the Quran, yahweh and allah.

Reason vs. Revelation isn’t a thing of the past, it’s here with us today.

For instance, a Socratic might look at this and wonder

Was Exodus a noble form of Exit? Who lived in the Palestinian lands before either muslims or jews?

This looks like it would probably be a good read

What? I’m sincerely wondering, I want to know. Who was there before Abrahamic peoples? Or are we to simply believe that YHWH promised them those lands? See, Erdoğan can’t talk like this because he’s living in a Muslim country. Who knows, maybe he isn’t a Machiavellian himself and is a Muslim too. These are the sorts of questions to wonder about when you are outside of “the People of the Book”.

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