I saw a picture of three old Italian sisters recently who I relate to and it made me reflect on life and the nature of being. I wouldn’t be alive if the parents of those old ladies hadn’t given birth to them. The idea of “babies” is extremely controversial in our particular era, because it could be offensive. You don’t have any offensive thoughts about babies do you? People are people, they grow up to be people and they die people, just like anyone else in the world. People are people, yeah right, you probably think someone a couple houses or apartments away from you is a dirtbag. Now imagine a couple countries away. They’re even worse than them.

One of those ladies in that old picture I haven’t heard about very much. What happened with her “line”? Did she create babies that were people of minimal cognitive development? It seems to be the case. We need to care about “smart babies”, this is the most important idea a country can have, and we can’t talk about it here.

They grow up to be people just like us. We need to give them the perfect environment, so they will be good people as adults. This type of thought is a sin in our present political order. Why is that? “We should care about whether babies are able to understand math and science” – this is something that is blocked, most of the plutocrats tell you that your daughter should breed with jungle apes, maybe we should rethink how we see the monied ones of the US. “Be a retard in the future, we will remember you that way.” You plutocrats here will be remembered as some of the worst people alive to ever live. What is billions of dollars when you’re a total pussy at the end of the day? Nothing much, pussy.

When you think of a baby, the thought in your mind is probably “I hope that baby will be happy in life” – the reality is that our current system leads young people to worship herd mentality and not being able to question it. I don’t think those old Italian ladies in that photograph would be happy with me doing nothing while people here and in Europe are being lobotomized, I’d rather suggest we murder people who make that a norm.

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