Strange I just learned of this guy today

My first impression of Maxwell, what first struck me about her, was that she isn’t exactly beautiful. Epstein, with all his power and wealth could’ve had anyone, so why her, that was my thought. That’s what led me to researching about Robert Maxwell and his ties with the Mossad. Something about her connections he must have liked.

So who is this Borgerson?

15 years her junior. Is she that “magnetic” of a personality or something? Or is it something to do with having secret knowledge? And “pull” from that, as they call it?

All the secrets of the world!! I can see the charm in that. Rather a depraved way of obtaining those secrets obviously.

Borgerson is worth 100 million. Somehow I suspect that’s just what’s on the books.

I wonder what countries in particular they have the secrets about?

Listed as a resident in Saudi Arabia, that’s the strangest part about this to me. A “developing country” – why care about it? Oil and Israel probably, and not necessarily in that order of importance.

What is it about her? Is it the toes?

I’ve seen nicer toes to tell you the truth (no I’m not one of those footfreaks despite the rumors about me I’ve heard). It can’t be the toes, it must be the intel. So what does she know? Has she already confessed? Are the people in the legal system that take care of her and look after her paid off by the people she has intel about?

From a recent article

Apparently there are about 100 more victims who decided to speak up. What’s interesting to me is that the above hyperlink focuses on this as the sensitive material in question. Thinking back to the initial part of my post here, the most sensitive material would seem to be the secrets obtained from their uh “clients” and what they used those secrets for. What the Mossad used/uses that intel for. Note that I found a lot of the above info on a pro-Palestinian website and that this link with [BLEEP] will be rarer to find in our MSM, for expected reasons.

I, naturally, have political, Machiavellian reasons for bringing up Epstein/Maxwell, besides the moral outrage factor. Depending on what she and these victims reveal, this could be an automatic “swamp drainer”, globally. I do like that. And so I wonder why her trial has been postponed a year. Something to do with.. the US election perhaps? Are they plotting out how to orchestrate optimal damage-control? Might sound impossible. Is it? Epstein killed himself, right, no one seems to care, Maxwell is pretty much forgotten.

So, a lady who knows the world’s secrets. What about the other side of that? What is it about Borgerson?

As I understand it, the company’s proprietary software aims to monitor not just where the ships all are—via their AIS, or automatic identification system—but where they’ve been, and, ultimately, what they’re carrying. This would make it possible to have a granular overview of the entire world’s ocean transport system.

Any relation to the cartels?

A former Coast Guard officer, he also commanded an 82’ coastal patrol boat conducting search and rescue and law enforcement missions in the Gulf of Mexico, served as the ship navigator and boarding officer aboard a 376’ high endurance cutter conducting counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean

I told you, I’m going to find you people and I’m going to have your heads sawn off.

This is why “the wall” is more of a symbol than a solution

The cartels aren’t the main problem, the main problem is the international swamp.

So what does she know? Obviously we’re going to use truth serum, right?

What does Borgerson know, who is he connected with besides her? Is the FBI investigating CargoMetrics Technologies? Or are they connected with these people too?

Strangely if you google Scott Borgerson, you’ll find that he’s a writer, something of a dabbler in geopolitics, and if you click the links, some of his articles are scrubbed.

Military, academy, thinktanks, corporation, Mossad, cartels, sex-trafficking, oh wait those last three aren’t up there what am I saying.

I don’t know, call me a conspiracy theorist

Drugs, guns, bombs(?), cash, minors, I wonder what else they ship/ped?

Borgerson reportedly met Maxwell via speaking engagements related to ocean preservation and her TerraMar Project six years ago. 

Borgerson also has a fixation on the oil in the North Pole. 90 billion barrels up there apparently. Some estimate upwards of 400-500 billion. 266 billion in Saudi Arabia, to put it in perspective. Is this guy seriously just walking free right now? What justice is that? He’s obviously connected to these “Epsteinian” crimes.

Her dog!

What do they know? They could potentially make the entire global establishment collapse.

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