Maxwell has said herself that she knows Epstein was murdered. So this request is strange

Sacrificed lamb of the elites #2?

Set yourself up to be shanked by “a random person who abhors pedophiles” who definitely isn’t a plant, or else. Or else what? Threats to her loved ones have been issued to her maybe?

Is it just me or are you asking to be killed if you want to be taken out of solitary, in her case?

I wonder who owns these “professionals”

“I’m just so cooped up in here, I’ll risk someone smuggling in a blade and giving me a few quick stabs in the right places if it means I don’t have to sit in this cell alone!”

Maybe she’s just a nymphomaniac and needs old Sweaty Betty to give her cunnilingus? Something not adding up here. Meanwhile Borgerson is just trying to play it cool

Hm I definitely recognize Google as a trustworthy institution

He’s met with congresspersons too 🤝

Links to the British military

We all know Epstein’s links to British royalty too, even though that didn’t affect anything in the least, besides sending Prince Andrew into hiding, like Borgerson-

Not the “US security industry” per se.

He even met with Rapin’ Bill?

Steve Bing, who’s that? Jumped out of his 27th story window in June.

I hope Trump pulls off something as perfect as this again tomorrow at the debates, it’s my birthday, that would be like a present

Can’t we just start imprisoning people for the looks on their faces alone?

An article from June 2016 on what seems to be the most important avenue of investigation regarding Borgerson, CargoMetrics

With offshore accounts, who could know if this is still true about Ofer

Maybe he’ll be the next one I do some digging on.

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