About one hour by boat from Tortola to Little Saint James

That’s another thing most people have forgotten about – the Panama Papers. Look how many names are on this list – Jackie Chan is on there, what’s goin on? Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law. The president of the UAE is on there.

A Panama Papers journalist was car-bombed too, can’t forget that.

Anyway, back to the potentially most damning Epstein connection- reports on Ofer aren’t exactly giving me the idea that he wouldn’t be affiliated with Epstein (or Borgerson)

And I haven’t even looked through MENA sources yet!

Sammy Ofer, the one Idan inherited his money from. Looks like there’s a movie out we need to watch

Would Bibi and his little pals like me posting about this?

And the Epstein connection would be absolutely devastating if could find direct evidence of that. If we actually had a CIA that wasn’t in cahoots with all these people, they could do the work for us, imagine that. Borgerson, just a pure coincidence, right?

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