Damn, I intuited 15 minutes by speedboat

Less than 15 minutes to get from Tortola to Little Saint James, or vice versa, using a speedboat, and yes, as normal as speedboats are to us today, that counts as something from a “breakaway society” to boomers. The world record is 317 MPH for a boat.

“Dude, we got a 12 year old here, hurry up before we chop her up and feed her to the sharks HAHA”

“See you in five.”

We should research these places, to try to decipher where they’ve moved to since the Epstein debacle

Look, there’s Panama again

Florida is one of the main drug-hubs in the world.

A Mexican border wall is just the beginning of what we need to do.

If I had to guess…

While we’re here, that Idan Ofer did business with Hong Kong in the 80s, I wonder if they’re planning on subtly, gradually making their way into Chinese government too, or if they already have. While we figure these things out, this is a peculiar individual, a former spy

“Is he a plant?” yeah yeah thanks schizos I wonder that too. A list of people like him would be good to gather, of potentially “true others”. That have worked with the breakaway societies of the world and have defected and written about it.

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