Seems like this should have been one of the first things that showed up in a search, and I’m just seeing it now, after reading about it in a book that cites that former spy Ari Ben-Menashe I mentioned last night

This photo was taken last August—apparently staged by her lawyer who has property in Israel cough—that it is so “rare” might indicate it’s a threat to national security. She wasn’t arrested until July so they must have been contemplating what to do after this move.

Let’s see what this book is about

To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here, try not to puke when you read the following anecdote from his Zorro Ranch, the only property of his the FBI hasn’t raided for some reason

Pedophilia and bestiality—and the CIA? As disturbing the implications of this are, this should make anyone who distrusts the covert agencies happy.

Which one? Likely various ones. While Maxwell probably sold out the CIA above because she has her (((priorities))) she probably knows just as many Mossad secrets.

Double-agents, and probably willing to be a triple-agent and sell both the CIA and Mossad out if it means she gets a get out of jail free card for it. Who would dare interfere with those two organizations though?

Who has old man Maxwell’s files now? Was he engaging in the same Epsteinian behavior and methods? Are the covert agencies continuing to do it with a new Epstein?

People that know some of the things Maxwell knows are scared into silence

Think any of this will be brought up at the debates tonight? “Our” and foreign intel agencies operating in the US involved in the height of lawlessness and depravity, no I don’t see why it should be mentioned.

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