Reading up on the Mossad on a Palestinian website about the murder of Iranian scientists I realize that the most censored/redacted/scrubbed thing on the internet is the knowledge of how to build nuclear bombs. Isn’t that the situation Iran is in? All they need is a textbook, right? Sanctions forever, possibly war, if Russia were to give them a few nukes. Or if they snuck a textbook into their country – if it was traced back to them. Then further if the Iranians used it on the US or one of its allies, they would be seen as responsible. Where did North Korea get this knowledge? China probably? (I bet Xi secretly likes having a “rogue nation” attached to his country). So why doesn’t Iran kidnap a professor or a scientist who has the knowledge? Doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. How many are there? It’s not like nerds are under constant surveillance to prevent that, right? One of those Jasons, if they staged his death and he disappears, who would know he was being tortured in Iran until he wrote a guide or built some nukes himself? You know I really hate liberal democracy if I’m even having these thoughts “haha”. What’s interesting to me is that it isn’t ideas in the form of theories that are the most dangerous thing to find on the internet- rather it’s nuclear technology instructions. No I’m not going to google how to build a nuclear bomb to see if I’m write that it’s not on the internet, I’m already up to my neck in shit enough I don’t need to add that to my list. Just seems to follow that it’s not on the internet otherwise lots of countries would be able to build them and would have already. This is how the situation in Iran seems to me- they’re trying to cultivate an Einstein of their own and they keep (ironically) bombing potential ones to death. Who is it that would be the one who teaches these potential Einsteins I wonder? If the teacher had the knowledge why wouldn’t he just use it to build a nuke? Anyway, just some thoughts, hopefully I’m not giving any Iranians any ideas.

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