Jeffrey Epstein is alive right now reading my posts thinking you fool you don’t know anything. “Who would be surprised” – everyone feels like they’re being lied to, that’s just the normal experience here. He starts replying to my posts with an unhackable IP address saying he was set up, he was the one trying to take them down – “who would be surprised”. He says every article, every single one, every book about me, it’s all sabotage, it’s part of a broader plot to preserve their image. He says the covert agencies are not one monolith, there is a war between them. What would you think if you saw that under my posts? Jeffrey replies saying they told him if he didn’t trick little girls into jacking goats off, they would kill ten little girls instead. What do you do in that situation, he asks. No one is here to tell his story, and it’s all so corrupt, “I wouldn’t be surprised”.

We look down on Putin here for the poisonings and then this kind of thing happens and we all forget about it. Yeah tell yourself that, we’re the moral arbiters of the world.

This has nothing to do with that, right?

Is Iran “the wrong one” or is it that we just have the nukes and the military bases and the intelligence offices and they don’t?

Just think of the Tibetans as the most prominent example. They have better things to do, meditating on the divine. Might is right, majority rules, your religion is the opiate of the masses. The Tibetans can’t even have a dialogue with them, just like the Iraqis can’t have a dialogue with us, because they don’t have the numbers or the bombs. If you think back to the Iraq War (which is unheard of because it’s another one of those “forgotten wars”) ask yourself what you would have done if you were Saddam and actually had “weapons of mass destruction”. I don’t know about you, if I was Saddam and I actually had those, I probably would’ve used them. The fact that he didn’t use any just proves that he never had them. Now consider this idea, kinda funny- the Dalai Lama developing nuclear bombs. I would have supported him. “Stupid chinks with their western texts” messing with him is my first thought. Now apply that to Saddam’s case. People talk about coups and destabilizations of Latin America and the Middle East, and they often overlook how Marxism destabilized China. It led to the most deaths of any political regime known to history and they still call themselves Marxists. Do you think there is some kind of western information-manipulation involved with that? America, Russia, Europe all conspiring to poison the Chinese with enlightenment values, just like Hillary in my previous post with Latin America. Just some things to think about. Main idea I want to express is that there are parallels between liberal imperialism of past times and its manifestation today – there is a sense in which you are being forced to believe certain things.

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