“I’m done with politics.” -one hour later- Finding some genealogy on the present

Ever Hillary has pulled coups, and you haven’t- how’s that make you feel? 2016-today they’ve been trying to pull a soft coup in their own country! Similar mental toolkit they used in foreign countries probably. They spent all their time bringing democracy to other countries, only to lose in a democracy, and then try to reverse the election – the irony of that. Hillary’s 2014 memoir offers a rare first-person account of the globalist mindset which admittedly makes me sympathize with her somewhat

The first I click is Latin America since that’s the place that most immediately affects our current political moment and find this

I’m beginning to get the impression that a lot of our problems related to the border wall might be explained by the ego of Mexicans.

They can’t take criticism, if the reaction to seeing those files is any symptom.

Is any of this even that offensive?

Seems like a baby to be honest. (No I don’t have the urge to post that picture of an orangutan in a Mickey shirt.) Remember this guy, Calderon?

We’re connected to Mexico in ways we aren’t with other countries. Disconnected you might call it (when you relate that to our relation to Canada). And you might be beginning to see why sensitive documents are a threat to national security. Calderon said Pascual’s criticism caused “severe damage” to our diplomatic relations. I wonder.. Wikileaks->Trump.. to some degree? -smoking man from x files voice- There’s been a security breach!

If those criticisms need to be locked away as “sensitive documents” I think Calderon was just being oversensitive.

Maybe his reaction can help us understand our diplomatic relations with them today? If they’re going to be next door we should probably try to get a good understanding of them, yeah?

This is where PC originates, their oversensitivity. “People have feelings!” Do they want their country to improve or not? Do you want the last four years over again, leftists? You might be getting just that because you refuse to stop being so sensitive.

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