The secondary bibliography on Hillary is insane – talk about clout. The controversy disrupting their equalism revolution caused. We’re still dealing with the consequences of that today – dialectics, man, I like it, I don’t like it, I like it and don’t like it. Looking at that bibliography my first thought is “Monica Lewinsky”. How did that affect American women at the time? That’s awful that happened to her. “Men are pigs” resonance through the nation? Then we had that bumbling idiot Bush. Lots of reasons to hate white men with those two. I wonder if any of those secondary books hyperlinked above address the matter outside of the PC prison. I wish we could have a real discussion about it. “Feminism shouldn’t be controversial!” Well did you see that list of secondary books and the anti-trump movement the last four years. It’s all about feminism, it’s all directly about the feminism question, so yeah I’d say it’s controversial even if you don’t want it to be, so people should be able to ask non-PC questions about it without freaking out. I know I’m asking for the impossible, it just shows we’re right about woman’s hysteria. They see red when I say that which just intensifies the hysteria. I try to have the discussion at least! I’ll settle with you halfway how bout? A right-wing female president might not be too bad, and could possibly “send a good message”, which is what the intention of the globalists behind Hillary seemed to be. Reading her memoir, she’s knowledgeable about the world, moreso than most men, and clearly has more experience in government than Trump did. The “polished plastic” way about her is still prominent- regardless though she has those merits mentioned. It’s the dogmatic, unreflected-upon postwar ideology that is the problem with her, the general cancerous leveling repercussions that arise from subscription to the “democratic” nexus of beliefs. If a woman didn’t believe in all that then I could see little girls being inspired in a good by a female president. Like I’ve said, Hillary probably wouldn’t be boring to talk to, and you can’t say that about many women. She’s knowledgeable about the world and intellectually mature in her own way, just unfortunately a bot-liberal! Ok I’m done shilling for Hillary, just trying to have a fair, balanced discussion no one else wants to have.

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