The reaction of Calderon to those Wikileaks has got me wondering about their psychology down there. Do they rationalize like him, disavow responsibility, and instead automatically volley blame back to the US? I’m trying to get into Hillary’s head today. The wall idea is similar to her interference in other countries. She refers to it as “reforming” other countries. Doesn’t Mexico need to be reformed? So how to do that? The insult that is the wall idea is one way.

After likening Trump to Mussolini and Hitler-

“Posting that isn’t good for optics.” I’m trying to understand the world, idiot. If I were Obrador (who’s also made similar WW2 references) I’d feel distinctly persecuted, wouldn’t you? If you were the president of a country another country at your border wanted to build a wall on—and not just any country at your border. I’m trying to intuit how he might think. Rationalizations. It possibly motivates him to improve Mexico, in the back of his head. Here is the way the previous president reacted

Can they not possibly understand why we wouldn’t want meth and human-traffickers freely moving between our two countries? So far I haven’t seen either Mexican President say anything to the effect that they are working to correct those problems. “That’s Hitler!” Are they holocaustians there too? Anyway, thinking like Hillary, who tried to do something about the drug war in Colombia herself, if all these Mexicans can do is rationalize and blame us for it then why not build a wall? This is different from Colombia you see, because Mexico is next door. She used death squads, engineered coups, and suspended human rights in other places in Latin America. What is the insult of the wall next to those things?

They must live in a delusion over there if all their presidents react in the ways I’ve shown. That other one that forced that diplomat to resign based on vaguely “offensive” criticism. Imagine how they’d react if they found my site HA

Trump is kid’s table stuff. That’s what “diplomacy” seems to be in our world, excessive politeness to the point of counter-productive illusion. The wall is “Hillarian” in this sense – it’s a strong demand that Mexico reforms, only with this method we don’t have to use death squads.

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