Thinking about the release of intelligence documents in fact, I think that the US will form an alliance with China, Iran and Russia, once they know the truth. I’m just a random person writing about things that interest me in the world, I don’t know why I’ve been made a scapegoat target that is a multimillion-dollar industry over the last few years. It seems finding similar grounds with those three countries in particular would be the best for National Security. Hillary tries to “reform” Latin America and the Middle East, and since 2016 the United States itself, and we are starting to wonder if she, and the ones who are in league with her efforts, need to be reformed themselves, ah the irony. “We need to bring Biden vs. Trump to every country in the world!” This is what we call “democracy”. They’re still trying that with Biden, he’s the next attempt after the Hillary charade. (Hillary was pretty when she was young, simply a brainwashed victim like most of the rest, try not to forget that). Notice how you can’t reply to my posts? That’s part of their plan too, you’re supposed to subscribe entirely with your very soul-substance that it was wrong the Jews were killed, sign on the dotted line now, dumb goy? Excuse me? You didn’t sign, well we’ll see about you then. Seems like the Torah should’ve mentioned something about what to do about a goy you shouldn’t have fucked with, seems like something prudent that should’ve appeared in the Torah somewhere, too bad.

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