Defector detected

When I hear of someone being imprisoned for publishing a book those are words of beauty to me.

I found him after seeing this in a book on wikileaks

Here is Shamir’s (provisional) bibliography

[Update- I knew I was right to say “provisional” – here is a more thorough bibliography from his old website]

If this is true, or at least partially true, then don’t you think it’s important to talk about?

The only thing Jews despise more than Nazis are traitors within their own race, that’s why there are so few of them. A Cabbalist traitor, that’s for the “highbrow entertainment” file, in my world.

I’m starting with his Pardes even though it was his Flowers of Galilee that got banned

Reading that makes me feel like it’s Christmas or something.

An email where he says the quiet part out loud

No wonder I’ve never seen any kvelling about him, this is perhaps thee central obfuscation of the present regime we find ourselves in.

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