Anyone else been having a field day with that .ru site? So many links to click, and they’re all good

Again, you might find it kind of irritating that I keep bringing her up. I see her and Biden as the same thing, that’s why! You know what, if it means I get to be in a death squad, maybe I will work for Monsanto next year, depends on the country really. Notice how Hillary had the “feminism optics”? That’s effective at distracting people from all of the above, “She’s a woman.” Condoleeza Rice had the same effect, as would Kamala Harris after Biden dies of natural causes a year into his term. Biden himself who believes in all the safe, appropriate things people are supposedly supposed to believe has similar optics. A kind old man who got rid of Trump, what wrong could he do? Well, click some of those links and find out. Notice one of them mentions Russia. We’re fortunate to have white people in the world who are our enemy because they give us perspectives like these (it’s not so easy to relate to Muslims or Chinese). Anyway, with Biden/Harris optics we might actually be able to do something about all the criminal activity in Latin America. It’s too controversial for Trump to do anything substantial because that would make people hate him more even if he’s trying to do good. What would be better, for cartels or Monsanto to run El Salvador? It never ceases to amaze me that our southern continent there is known as “the murder capital of the world” and most of our troops have been over in the middle east, and further that people aren’t similarly amazed by that, that’s what’s so amazing, the latter, an amazing lack of amazement about that. “American”-run corporations might be better than cartels and corrupt Latino politicians (wut, is that racist to say?) People don’t want to think about the blood involved with that. Hillary could, what’s stopping you? This is when people start to feel isolationist- “We don’t need to meddle in other countries!” Problem with that is, this concept

It is isolationist to think about how to improve Mexico. Because Amexica. Since 2016, we’ve seen that people don’t want to think about this. The last four years have given us that at least. All the implications of the crime and corruption in Mexico are clearly visible now, as they’ve most prominently manifested in those riots. “Reforming” Mexico or walling them off is racist, and that thought isn’t sensitive, because it makes people in the US feel bad, because they wonder if they themselves need to be reformed or walled off. The phenomenology of that seems to be- they “wonder” about that, they conclude “yeah, probably”, then they feel sad, then they feel mad, then they blame white people, and half of our good christian white folk go through a similar mood-process. The unemotional way to look at it is that we don’t want the crime and corruption of Mexico to encroach into America, so we need to do something about it if they’re not going to do anything themselves. And yes, certain Americans are right to “wonder” about the above. There are three options- build a symbolic wall around the bioleninists, reform them, or reinforce their behavior. We see which option the left has chosen. That’s the equivalent of selling guns to cartels. You are bad people, you are your own kind of Cartel. POC can find solace in that, that the worst criminals in America are white and jewish.

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