I’ve been drawing from research centers of the past. This one I found here is a lot more existentially engaging, as you’ll see here

Of particular concern is how the military would respond in the context of uncertain election results.

“Why do you keep bringing up all these political puppet-people?” In a better world I’d talk about ontology 24/7. In this one, I’ve been preoccupied with the same idea as above. This is the most elaborately thought-out report on this near-future event. Some cynics believe there’s no difference at the end of the day between Biden and Trump. I like having someone who everyone knows is racist in office and who puts doubt on the MSM on a daily basis. The two are not the same, despite their many similarities.

This report is written from an anti-Trump perspective. This is not good, because I have not yet found one that is this thought-out yet from a pro-Trump perspective. So people should get started on that, and proliferate it among the public somehow. There’s speculation that none other than Soros himself is behind this research which involves “over 100 current and former senior government and campaign leaders and other experts in a series of 2020 election crisis scenario planning exercises” – part of a sentence you probably already read because this is an “existentially engaging” historical moment. So, I say we use this report against them, learn from it, and reframe it rightward.

Does this seem ominous to you?

I’ve seen some dems admit right out in public that they should rig it, because they prefer the monotonous monolith of the corporate empire, they don’t like that bee, Trump, landing near them, taking a few steps, flying off, and returning again, they want to swat him into a twitching pulp, along with his base of crypto/reactionaries. So, that brings me to my point. We need to gather 100 of these people, the best minds, and develop a report for the public on this matter. Maybe that report has been published? I haven’t seen it, so it must not be appropriately .. given the nature of the information it could contain it might be considered a sensitive document. Someone of the “silent majority” might not want to post that for others to find. I visited Jim’s blog recently to see what he’s been thinking about (that’s a veritable research center unto itself, I just know it like the back of my hand so I don’t visit much anymore) and I thought he was pretty accurate when he put it this way

After 2016, the globalists realized that while they were busy destabilizing regimes overseas, they overlooked destabilizing their main military hub, the United States. A minority of rich elites are trying to do just that in the next month and the next few months, destabilize it. It or us, depending on what side you’re on. If you are a cretin of lowbrow taste for instance, you will see it as destabilizing “them”, because you want to live in a country with irrationality and immoralism as the cherished ideals.

Back to the report, this is how Jews work, or if you’d prefer, Jews and people who have been Jewed, work

“Governing” i.e. the main goal is white genocide, crafted by people with intergenerational trauma such that they see every white male as Hitler. And then run hollywood and monopolize news and education to indoctrinate whites with their self-same trauma regardless of whether or not it has Good effects overall. Aristotle has been designated as white supremacy for instance. Many don’t care because, again, as an irrational, immoral person they only have incentive to align with this disappearing act that led to all those poor innocent people being killed.

Where is the right-wing version of this?

They’ve been couping country after country for decades, and now they’re using that experience to do the same here.

“Yes! Good for them!” some are thinking reading this. You believe that human beings should be monkeys essentially, your opinion doesn’t matter.

And this is the hypocrisy of US imperialism. That this is what they’re doing here, and that’s what they want to do in other countries too, through deception and military force.

It is mandatory that the right does something like this, immediately

Let’s see, who is controlling this levelist research center

One of the main things I like in life is good conversation. On the ideological plane they’ve already gotten rid of that, effectively “banning people who know too much”. Now they’re working on the racial plane, because once people are dim-witted enough, and can only rely on algorithm-bots that use movie quotes for instance, there will be no opposition to them. First they silence you, then they prevent even the need to silence you. Think some mestizo in 2060 will talk about anything the reactionary whites talk about day? No, they’ll have too much of an undeveloped brain. Socrates and Horatio will live on in posthumanist spheres of China. It’s because after getting the zyklon and surviving they began to identify with latinos as “people who should ideally be exterminated”. Nazism was a movement in line with Christianity, no one wants to talk about this.

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