Just going to leave this here

Inconclusive JFK-esque conspiracy theories well into the 2080s? Might as well start now.

Is one of these a mole?

Or could the mole possibly be her?

The left is going “it’s a random coincidence!” Right, that would be what they call the perfect crime. Coincidence or not they probably see Hicks as the next Mother Teresa. Seeing how delighted the left is about this, it’s clear that they have had a hidden bloodthirst and would have been overwhelmed with joy if they had took him out in the way of JFK instead. Anyway, Hicks was involved in a couple legal controversies in the White House, so one “conspiracy” could be that she was paid off to “contract” the virus and infect Trump, another is that she could have been threatened with life in prison to do it. Third speculation is that someone was paid/threatened to infect her. In any case, just one blessing after another. If Trump dies, Pence should declare martial law and purge our institutions.

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