There was something noble about the Iraq War from a certain perspective. The US basically said “we’ll take care of it”. Not many of us knew Saddam personally, let’s be real though, the chances are he wasn’t that great of a guy. Whatever your stance on Israel, there’s something admirable about the US going “we’ll take care of it”. This is Hillary’s self-understanding of the coups she helped engineer in Latin America. That’s what Trump seems to stand for in the US except regarding the US itself- “we’ll take care of it”. Everyone who is beside themself with elation that he got covid hates that about the US, the we’ll take care of it. Was the Iraq War a disaster as they say? Depends how you look at it, that’s not my point here. Leftists don’t like that the US is the world superpower that was able to go over there and do that with impunity. It’s one part them feeling bad for the rest of the world and oftentimes another part being jealous, that’s essentially why they’re happy Trump could die, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we can see in their celebration of the diagnosis their confession that they’d be happy if all white males were gone. It’s all about jealousy. If there was a real problem in the world somewhere (i.e. unlike Iraq) it’s going to be China taking care of it, because they want all white males dead here, and today is when they finally admitted it. “We will form a team of mudmen and mudwomen to help other countries”. Nah, subhumans can’t help themselves, let alone others. Other countries are going to have to step in over here before you know it. How pathetic is that, that we could use advice from other countries about this very election over the next few months. Truly ashamed to be an American with all you jealous petty souls living here.

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