I really hate talking about current events, I just see freethinking going away even more with “Team Biden” at the helm. For instance today for whatever reason I’ve been wondering if they’ll let me have Plato’s dialogues at Guantanamo Bay. Just this general idea is going to take root in people’s minds, and it’s already bad enough as it is. Imagine the “digital renaissance” we might have if people could talk about the supposedly horrible things I like to talk about without getting banned. There’s so much understanding of the world that we’re prevented from accessing because of this. Note it’s not the banning itself, it’s the mindset they instill by having that threat of banning in place. That will be even worse with “Team Biden” in place. They probably tried to kill Trump today and I’ve only seen one other person mention this possibility. “Who would be surprised?” That seems to be, at least in these initial stages, what they’re trying to pull on us, probably things like this they did in countries they coup’d too- “Your president is stupid, and that’s why he died.” Now be demoralized and believe all people are equal. Either that or see that they’ll kill people on our side and cover it up, and be self-censored that way. The Obama-Hillary-Biden entity is out for revenge, and if they can make money on the side from corporate donors, they’re not going to tell them no. Clandestine Cultural Lobotomy is an industry.

You could call it a hobby, I like to try to get an understanding of the establishment, I like to try to get in the heads of the elites of all cultures past and present. Trump is firmly a denizen of our elite establishment, he’s just a defector, that’s part of why they hate him so much, because he betrayed them. Rich guy in NYC, he probably knew most things the reactosphere talks about and more even in the 1980s. You simply don’t talk about that, unless you have a friend you can trust 100%, and know “NSA” isn’t somehow listening in (which is impossible these days, and which Team Biden will exploit to maximum capacity). I’ve said time and time again that Trump and most of his base are just the simulacra of what is possible to talk about. Think of that Israeli I quoted yesterday- Trump is a traitor, even if he is moderate. Da ughleets know most of what the anons know, they’re just making money off of it so they don’t make it explicit- that loses them money. Trump said No to that in the name of national security. In this sense he redeemed our establishment elite. Would I prefer someone more Mussolini-like in office? Well duh. That probably isn’t possible because our demos is so corrupted by our plutos. And if you want to understand our plutocrats, they’re jealous of him too, because they know what he knows, and they didn’t do what he did. Instead of aligning with him they decided to double-down against him. And a lot of their motivation is probably out of jealousy, because he decided to take the ultimate risk, make the ultimate “investment” (as these greedy, parasitic money-grubbers think of it as, with their tiny stock market obsessed minds) and step away from them one iota, essentially calling them all cowards, and aren’t they? This is what Team Biden represents, the return to corporacracy without any of the explicit disagreements. Can’t you see Biden saying something like “I trust our Press”? Irredeemable people, and the public is so under their spell that they cheer when someone who questions them was probably sentenced to death by them!

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