Out of all places

Guess what his first year as a Senator was. 1973. Why do they make this so easy?

Reading a 2003 talk he had on foreign policy, he was so much more coherent back then

He says that Saddam violated “U.N. security resolutions” so there’s a special place in hell for him and his sons. What does he cite as one of those violations? That Saddam invaded a country. What is he talking about here?

Kuwait. He made it the 19th province of Iraq. My thought is, was he trolling them? Invading a country on about the opposite side from Israel. They say it was about oil, they always say it was about oil. Seems like he might have been making a threat.

Younger Biden says of him that he

crossed the line in the sand… fired missiles at Israel

Do Americans even know about this 17 years later?

Biden here says that if he was president he would tell the nation to prepare for months, years more, in Iraq.

We’re still working on defining that, Joe. Or as I saw a NYC journo call him yesterday, Joseph R. Biden Jr. Notice that the idea of applying “preemption” to somewhere like the Congo or El Salvador makes all this suspicious. I wonder who else he talked to besides Golda Meir during that faithful trip to Israel in 1973.

This statement puts things in perspective

Saddam is bombing Israel, egad, why don’t some of the many many billionaires with blood relations to the place help them? “The French are still expected to sacrifice their lives even though they fought against Hitler.” That myth (sophistic manipulation) is dying out, I don’t even have to find a statistic, because you just know that “most people want our troops out of the middle east” and it’s been that way for years. Not good for Israel. Oh no!!

This is from a 2020 article

Who knows what “Team Biden” will con us into. It’s not like Americans had a say about the Iraq War. 9/11, maybe, I can see (depending on whether that was a psyop to prepare us for Iraq&etc.)

“11%? How do we get that number up?!” I’m sure they have some tricks in mind.

Chad/virgin dynamic here – the former Supreme Leader of Iran on the left, the present one on the right. They might try an invasive regime change, possibly fifth column style, rather than overt war. Soleimani and his green jacket, the military is strange, you throw on a green jacket and all of a sudden you bomb Israelis and get medals for it, I want a green jacket.

I can see why they’d like him

Ha just read this

Which is all the more remarkable considering that Biden represents a state, Delaware, with a Jewish population estimated at 15,000.

Wonder why Bernie was disappeared again? This is one of the first results when I search

You can’t even make this stuff up

An article with more on his record, the first critical article I’ve found

Reminds me of something that traitor Shamir said

Mammonites, so many of those in the West. It’s next to impossible to find a non-Mammonite really.

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