Realpolitik from Iran. I recurrently find a unique perspective on the US vs. China question from the Iranians. Similarly the few Chinese perspectives on the US vs. Middle East question I’ve managed to find have made me look at the world more differently than any western media has. This is how we can get out of our own heads, finding one enemy’s view of us and our other enemy. This would be a perfect book to find, I doubt it exists though. You already have to be outside of the head of the west to be able to write such a book, and being able to publish it is another story altogether. The “Secret UN” I have in mind would make all participants traitors and treasonists to their respective countries. That wouldn’t be you, would it anon?

Back to that Iranian article though

This is one of the three signs of an emerging power according to them, the other two being a robust economy and military. Would the Israelis even want the Iranians to know this, ideally? Probably not. In the way that how to build a nuke is the most dangerous idea, they still probably worry about intellectualism in general over there. You could think of my betrayal of the US as a form of “pure science” as above. Biden called it a “sacred promise” to protect their homeland. You could apply that to the Jewish people in general. If you break that promise you’re a traitor. Is that in the Constitution? Of course not, and it’s a sacred promise nonetheless. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights supersedes the Constitution.

I doubt they have “pure science” in this sense in either China or Iran, because that gets you taken away. We don’t even have much of that here, despite our economic surplus. Just goes to show that we’re a type of “emerging power” ourselves still.

So this Iranian basically breaks down civilization into being about Work, Guns, and Knowledge. You work for the guns and knowledge. The guns protect you while you work for the guns and knowledge. We’ve seen this theme before. The work would be futile if it were only work for guns, because then you’re just protecting working. -raises gun- “I will defend my slavery!” So obviously it follows that the work and the guns are for knowledge, or “pure science” as they call it here. This Iranian is more aware of the true meaning of civilization than most Americans. Mossad, quick, better take him out.

This is what he anticipates

China knows full well that it will have a much more direct confrontation with the United States in five years at the most. Not a war, but a diplomatic confrontation between the United States and China.

Without “pure science” of our own, that is able to be a sort of “traitor to ourselves” we’re never going to stand a chance against China.

The Chinese are mostly concerned with economics and military for now, much like we are. If you think of the humanities in our academies, they almost always fail to be a “pure science” because they are subservient to the state. Islam and the CCP limit their citizens in a similar way. Thinking in terms of epochs rather than years, China is in a phase of building-up before it can squander itself through devotion to pure science. The US has been squandering itself since probably the 60s and only devoting itself partially to a relatively pure science. The reason the Chinese seem so brainwashed to us is because they are in this economic phase of building-up. We seem “free” in relation because we’re at a different part of the cycle. We could, theoretically, try to eliminate this cycle, I just don’t see that happening because we’re our own kind of brainwashed over here. You can see all these social justice movements as a symptom of our economic surplus. That can also be considered part of the category of pure science. It seems like our “over-freedom” is going to catch up to itself eventually, probably sooner than we think, and force us back into a similar type of brainwashed “unfreedom” that we see in China. That’s just basic survival. Theoretically, again, we could prevent this from happening if we had more traitors to the state religion.

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