I wonder what this is about

I’m on the edge of my seat about all this (who isn’t?) If they’re right that politics is like a TV show these days, I have to admit I’m pretty enthralled. So what is this about? Did this just happen?

Seems like a pretty important institution. Further search leads me to this

Objective, rational linear thinking! They would have killed him over this. Call me a tinfoil all you want, if I were them, if I were the establishment I would have done this to him, it’s the perfect idea. Is Trump a friend of Israel and thus part of the same establishment I hate? Yes, he also does stuff like this. They got away with it like Epstein, and they’re getting away with it now. Irrational thinking is what the left stands for, it’s absolutely explicit in the above. How can you get more explicit than that? And it’s “racist” and off-limits to say No, you can’t be against rational thinking. Sounds uh, irrational to me, if there was a word for it. You crazy people want to bring this to other countries too?

If you’re not pro-rationality your life doesn’t matter. This isn’t controversial.

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