They estimate that there isn’t much time before we’re faced with the question of whether to meddle there

That Iranian I drew from earlier is a professor of international relations in Tehran, unsurprisingly, since that article didn’t seem to be written by your average Iranian journalist. This is his claim, I don’t know if he’d be lying or exaggerating, this is what he says though

برجام، 300 کیلو اورانیوم غنی شده داشت اما ذخایر آن الان به بیش از 2000 کیلوگرم رسیده است.

So, 2000 divided by 685 = about 3 bombs. Need one to test.

Any Zionists reading this thinking “We need to do something about this!!” ? By we you mean us, right?

After decades of causing all that havoc and death there do you think they are going to be friendly with the US? Not to mention Israel, the ones we’ve been donating bombs, guns and money to. Well, those rumored WMD that they fearmongered us into war over might be a reality now.

This would be another reason they might use for invading them

Those 2000kg are just what we know about. Why would he be able to say that? It must not be a matter of state secrecy.

Universities sanctioned by the UN, now that’s interesting

I wonder if there are any out there that are sanctioned for ideas, symbolic nukes

I have some friends who will like to see this

Here’s a list of them

That international relations prof seemed to know what he was talking about, I wonder if there are any working at sanctioned universities (I’m on a perpetual quest to find non-Russian Dugins)

Jews are going, “Cry me a river!”

You think they’re gonna play nice with us once they have bombs, after all these sanctions, all this turmoil you, directly, have caused? I can relate to them too, you’re the reason I want to know their perspective on the world.

If the Iranians and Chinese hate us as much as it seems they do then their governments would deliberately cultivate theorists who critique the US – where are they? I don’t think these two countries are that stupid to not do that. It’s just a matter of finding them.

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